DP Facilities, provider of mission-critical data center, colocation, custom design and build services and disaster recovery solutions, and Tintri, a data storage company specializing in Intelligent Infrastructure solutions that are autonomous, scalable and architected for operational simplicity, recently announced their strategic partnership. 

This partnership delivers integrated VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) solutions for VDI-optimized storage combined with colocation services within DP Facilities’ highly secure and compliant Tier III Wise, VA, data center. With this collaboration, the companies offer a solution that is purpose-built to meet new urgency surrounding end-user computing and simplify the IT infrastructure procurement process for a seamless, efficient experience. These integrated services empower federal and commercial customers to fully realize the promise of VDI with greater control, scale, cost efficiency and performance consistency for end-user computing.

Many organizations have struggled to realize the benefits of VDI using conventional infrastructure. To overcome the hurdles associated with traditional strategies, Tintri’s Intelligent Infrastructure for VDI solutions platform offers storage designed specifically for virtualization, allowing users to simplify, automate and scale VDI environments easily. A highly autonomous Tintri system optimizes the VDI environment, leveraging advanced machine learning to deliver real-time insights and analytics for ongoing success. With this platform, teams can deploy storage, implement remote user computing and manage thousands of virtual desktops — all from a single view. 

“Remote-user IT needs are constantly expanding, especially in light of the recent pandemic, and being able to remain agile and efficient is key to keeping pace with increasing demands. That’s why we’re excited to announce this partnership with Tintri, as it enables the data center colocation with VDI solutions procurement process to happen more easily and efficiently and empowers government agencies and commercial enterprises to leverage a comprehensive solution through a simplified process,” comments Steve Brown, Vice President of DP Facilities. “We look forward to helping organizations leverage this innovative VDI solution platform from within our highly secure and fully compliant Tier III data center in Wise, VA, to meet even their most stringent, security-focused business requirements.”

Now offered within DP Facilities’ 65,000-square foot, state-of-the-art Mineral Gap data center in Wise County, VA, this VDI solution platform complements DP Facilities’ colocation offering by allowing customers to easily acquire and implement vital computing software alongside secure, scalable and resilient physical infrastructure. 

DP Facilities’ colocation services in Wise, VA, offer reduced operating costs, reliable, redundant utility power and up to 3MW of renewable energy from the adjacent solar farm, which is scheduled to be completed in the near future. The facility meets DCOI requirements and is designed to meet the unique security-first requirements of DOD SAP/National Security agencies and contractors, enabling the security demands of even the most strict verticals (including government, healthcare and financial services) to be met easily. DP Facilities’ Mineral Gap data center is also covered by a GSA IT Schedule 70 Contract Award. State and local government clients may utilize Schedule 70 award pricing at the data center.

“The appeal and even the necessity of VDI has strengthened across a number of verticals due to the increased need to accommodate remote workers. We are proud to support these evolving requirements by enabling customers’ virtual desktop environments to be more autonomous and intelligent – providing service consistency, dynamic scalability, better cost efficiency and a much better user experience than ever before,” states Erwin Daria, Field CTO at Tintri. “We’re excited to bring this collaborative offering based on intelligent infrastructure to market alongside DP Facilities, together delivering a complete solution that makes it simple to find and consume data center services and incorporate new software advantages.”

To learn more about DP Facilities, please visit www.dpfacilities.com

To learn more about Tintri Intelligent Infrastructure, please visit www.tintri.com.