Water Inefficiency

– Joanna Styczen, spokesperson for iMPR, says:  

Imagine what you could do with an extra $17,000 to spend on your data center.  You could buy new racks, servers and routers, or complete that enticing expansion project that you have been considering.  Unfortunately, you could be losing this much — or more — annually due to water inefficiency, while cooling your equipment, our research has found.

This inefficiency is primarily due to calcium carbonate scale buildup in data center cooling towers.  As calcium builds up, chillers become less efficient because they produce an insulating layer that limits the heat being transferred to the outside cooling tower.  For this reason, building owners must continuously look for ways to increase water efficiency and optimize heat transfer, while effectively eliminating and preventing buildup. In fact, recent research from IBM shows that 66 percent of surveyed companies are planning to or have already deployed water-saving solutions.

The Silver Bullet Water Treatment System is an easy-to-install, revolutionary technology proven to increase water efficiency without the use of toxic chemicals. Silver Bullet’s patented processing system works by deploying a chemical process known as ‘Advanced Oxidation Process’ or AOP. Through Silver Bullet’s AOP, a gas is generated from ambient air and is then diffused into water.  This gas is composed of highly effective Hydroxyl (OH-) and Oxygen radicals. These hydroxyl and Oxygen radicals trigger various chemical reactions that reduce microbiological growth, hold minerals in solution, prevent scale and reduce rates of corrosion. This in turn, reduces the total amount of water consumption in the data center without using any hazardous chemicals. This approach also requires less manpower, CAPEX and OPEX than other leading water treatment solutions on the market.

Advantages of using the Silver Bullet Water Treatment System include:

  • Saving up to 35 percent of water use: Silver Bullet increases water cycle concentration, which means more water efficiency
  • Reducing electricity use: By preventing mineral scale deposits, Silver Bullet increases heat transfer efficiency, which in turn reduces overall electricity consumption.
  • Lower PUE/WUE metrics: Silver Bullet reduces overall power usage and water usage effectiveness measurements, which means a greener facility
  • Significant water conservation: An estimated 1.7 billion gallons of water has been saved annually by end of 2013 (from Silver Bullet customers)
  • Diminish bacteria: A University of Pittsburgh study on bacteria reduction found that using the Silver Bullet solution to reduce microbiological levels in cooling towers yielded a 99.8 percent reduction in heterotrophic plate count bacteria – all without the use of dangerous chemicals
  • Reduce corrosion rates: Silver Bullet reduces corrosion levels caused by conventional heavy chemical oxidizers by 30 percent on mild steel and 20 percent on copper to protect your system
  • Regular testing and maintenance: Silver Bullet comes with monthly water testing and maintenance from third-party water treaters to ensure your system is operating efficiently.

For more information about the Silver Bullet System, click here.