Srinivas Ramanathan, CEO at eG Innovations (, says:

Analysts say that today about 50 percent of all desktop virtualization initiatives stall or fail because of unacceptable end user performance and cost overruns. Without a methodical approach to performance, end user satisfaction and cost control, VDI project managers are basically flipping a coin on the success of their VDI initiative.

To better manage this risk and deliver successful VDI deployments, companies are shifting their focus from pre-deployment / planning VDI assessments (i.e. what desktops are ready for VDI) to assessing the complex VDI infrastuctures in production / deployment environments (i.e. where are the performance bottlenecks in my infrastructure that I need to fix, and where are opportunities for cost savings). 

To provide this deep level of insight into complex VDI infrastructures, companies are now looking for in-depth performance assessments of the entire VDI environment ‒ from the desktop to the datacenter. VDI performance assessments allow companies to quickly identify and remove performance bottlenecks, and deliver user satisfaction, scalability and cost control.

Here is a typical VDI scenario…

The Problem

Your VDI pilot goes well until virtual desktops are being rolled out in production environments with thousands of users. Then, unexpected performance and cost overrun problems start to occur. Users start to complain about sluggish applications and ask for their laptops back. Attempts at fixing these performance problems by using traditional virtual desktop planning tools and by throwing more hardware at the problem quickly cause cost overruns, kill ROI and typically don’t resolve the performance issue.

The Solution

Look at deploying a solution that has visibility into the components of the VDI environment and their dynamic inter-dependencies.

Look for a methodology and technology that can provide VDI project managers with:

·         Actionable insight and guidance to quickly diagnose and resolve performance bottlenecks, and deliver on the promise of exceptional performance, user productivity, and ROI;

·         Complete end-to-end performance visibility and diagnosis across every tier, every layer of the virtual desktop service – Citrix, VMware, Network, Active Directory, Storage, Applications – so you know what’s working and what’s not; and,

·         Detailed reports and powerful analytics to right-size and optimize the virtual desktop infrastructure and increase ROI, complete with actionable insight into hardware bottlenecks, top users, top apps, critical dependencies, etc. 

It is important to allow enterprises to baseline their current VDI performance, understand critical bottlenecks, and identify how they can optimize their virtual desktop infrastructure for peak performance and cost efficiency.

Srinivas Ramanatha is the CEO of eG Innovations, an award-winning provider of automated performance management solutions for virtual, cloud and physical IT infrastructures. Srinivas can be reached at