David Hurwitz, senior vice president of worldwide marketing at Serena Software (www.serena.com), says:

There’s a new elephant in the room when it comes to DevOps, Orchestrated IT. Serena defines Orchestrated IT as IT management systems that tie together existing tools into a process-driven human workflow. Orchestrated IT streamlines processes to deliver applications faster, improve IT service performance and lower overall IT costs.

Enterprise IT organizations that are forward-leaning and stocked with an abundance of tools need Orchestrated IT to improve the performance of the end-to-end IT supply chain, without throwing out what is working. Serena has arrived as a strategic advisor to CIOs, first with process orchestration within Dev, and now extending this success to Ops and the IT front office, including the CIO and the CIO’s lieutenants. The positive industry response to Orchestrated IT parallels the strong results our customers are already enjoying.

Maximizing the value of Orchestrated IT often involves deploying new functional tools where none currently exists or upgrading from cumbersome or expensive legacy tools, though this is optional. Orchestrated IT spans Dev and Ops, offering particular benefit to the burgeoning DevOps function. Serena’s vision and solutions now also extend into IT front office functions such as service catalog, demand management and IT management dashboarding.

Yesterday, Serena proudly premiered Doug Serena, CIO, a realistic web-video miniseries that follows a savvy CIO as he reaps the benefits of Orchestrated IT to deliver massive economic advantage to his company. The first webisode of Doug Serena, CIO can be viewed at Serena.com/DougSerenaCIO, with all new webisodes to follow weekly through March and into April. Viewers can also follow Doug’s tweets at @DougSerenaCIO.

Additions to Serena’s Orchestrated IT solution set include Serena Demand Manager, Serena Requirements Manager and the Serena Orchestrated IT Dashboard. Major new releases of Serena Service Manager, Serena Release Manager, Serena Request Center, Serena Development Manager and the Serena Business Manager platform further strengthen Serena’s solution set.

The new Serena Orchestrated IT Dashboard brings actionable intelligence to the head of Dev, the head of Ops and to their boss, the CIO. The Orchestrated IT Dashboard provides almost two dozen pre-defined metrics like cycle times, queue sizes, wait times and SLA performance. Super simple configuration makes it easy to draw even more metrics from Serena and non-Serena IT management tools, focusing on Key Performance Indicators and traceability metrics.

The new Serena Demand Manager provides a breakthrough facility for deftly prioritizing all IT work, presenting alternative portfolio scenarios and optimizing resources to fulfill any type of IT demand. Serena Demand Manager’s pragmatic and highly intuitive interface represents fresh innovation in a stale IT governance market that has been hijacked by heavyweight PPM systems.

Serena Demand Manager offers:

• An orchestrated approval process to dramatically streamline prioritization, scoring and resource estimation of all IT requests;
• Executive views to help assess the real effort and costs for all demand, as well as determine the optimal portfolio of IT projects;
• Automated time capture to help increase IT productivity and improve the accuracy of IT costs.

Recently awarded Pink Elephant’s IT Service Management (ITSM) Innovation of the year award, Serena Service Manager is the only ITSM offering on the market today that leverages a process-based approach to tackling the current challenges around flexibility, visibility and usability inherent in legacy ITSM solutions. The new Serena Service Manager 3, packs innovative features that further strengthen DevOps, foster greater collaboration around issue resolution and aid service level management.

Serena Service Manager 3 offers:

• Integrated ITSM and Release Management resulting in fewer failed changes;
• Service Level Agreements tracking to help identify at-risk targets and speed corrective action;
• Innovative application version comparison to enable fail-proof ITSM upgrades.

Serena Requirements Manager debuts as an integrated suite and provides enterprise IT organizations comprehensive capabilities to define and manage requirements, from initial prototype to production release, reducing rework, accelerating development and ensuring complete requirements traceability.

Serena Requirements Manager offers:

• Out-of-the-box dashboard metrics and best-practice KPIs for higher quality requirements;
• Requirements collaboration capabilities for business stakeholders, enabling accelerated review cycles;
• Orchestrated processes for prototype and requirements specification reviews to ensure continuous alignment between IT and the business.

The “industry first solution” for application release management, Serena Release Manager 2.0 strikes another industry first with its orchestration with Serena Service Manager. Being the only release management offering on the market today that leverages a process-based approach, it also is unique in providing one window to automate and control the release processes and deployments for mainframe and distributed platforms. The new Serena Release Manager solution is the bridge between Dev and Ops and leverages integrations with Serena Service Manager to achieve true DevOps collaboration.

Serena Release Manager 2 offers:

• Release Calendar shared with Serena Service Manager for scheduling operational and development changes into a common calendar and improving synergies between Dev and Ops;
• Integration with Serena Orchestrated IT Dashboard to present release management KPIs and provide efficient reporting;
• Improved release environment visibility arming Dev and Ops with the ability to track and manage release packages at the environment level.

Serena Orchestrated IT Dashboard, Serena Service Manager 3 and Serena Release Manager 2 are available now. Serena Demand Manager and Serena Requirements Manager will be available in Spring 2012. Pricing for Serena’s Orchestrated IT solutions starts at $12,500 for 250 users.

About David Hurwitz, SVP of Worldwide Marketing at Serena
David Hurwitz leads Serena’s marketing initiatives, including product marketing, communications, campaigns, sales readiness and field marketing. Mr. Hurwitz has a quarter century of experience in the enterprise software industry, the last decade of which as a marketing leader.

Prior to Serena, Mr. Hurwitz served as Vice President of Corporate Messaging and Solutions Marketing at CA, Inc. He joined CA via its 2005 acquisition of Niku Corporation, where he was Chief Marketing Officer. Under his marketing leadership, Niku’s Clarity product became the leading enterprise-class PPM system in IT shops and product development organizations around the world. Earlier Mr. Hurwitz founded and ran Product Lifecycle Management pioneer ConsenSys Software Corporation. He began his software career by creating several MANMAN products as an engineer at legendary Silicon Valley company ASK Computer Systems.

Mr. Hurwitz holds a BS in Industrial Engineering from the Rochester Institute of Technology.