Scott K. Brown is President of Pixel Factory, Inc., a data center company delivering colocation, cloud connectivity and internet connectivity with a fully redundant network throughout all edge, core, and distribution layers. Brown and his team leverage extensive experience in tasks such as managing large volumes of images for in-house marketing departments and universities to develop custom solutions, manage image libraries and host entire catalogs of images.

Recently, DE-CIX caught up with Brown to get some details on the company, its benefits and its plans for the future.

Tell our readers about Pixel Factory, Inc. What do you do and what key differentiators set the company apart in the marketplace?

Pixel Factory, Inc., Scott K. Brown (PFI-SKB) Answer: I am an owner of a small regional data center, called Pixel Factory Data Center, that focuses on low-latency global connectivity. My staff and I pride ourselves on knowing and relating to each and every customer by face and having a strong business relationship with them.

What are some new developments and initiatives that your company is excited for in 2020?

PFI-SKB A: Our current goal for the upcoming year is to work on migrating from legacy 10G to 100G connectivity, including expanding direct peering to the Middle East area of Europe and India.

What benefits does Pixel Factory, Inc. offer to current DE-CIX customers?

PFI-SKB A: The main benefit that the Pixel Factory Data Center offers DE-CIX customers is its large number of eyeball networks residing in the data center, which leads to peering relationships.

What benefits does DE-CIX offer to your current customers?

PFI-SKB A: DE-CIX offers Pixel Factory Data Center customers low-latency peering to a vast source of popular autonomous system numbers (AS).

Are there any other additional benefits or features of Pixel Factory, Inc. that you’d like to note?

PFI-SKB A: The facility’s fiber provides global connectivity via multiple different paths, directly connecting the data center to 880 of the worlds largest content providers, streaming providers, and national carriers. On an average day, over 275,000 users are viewing content served out of our facility. Over 300 gigs of outbound internet connectivity feeds the facility, and that is expected to hit 400 by mid-2020. The data center welcomes users ranging in sizes as small as local businesses all the way up to large establishments.

Thanks so much for the insight, Scott. To learn more about Pixel Factory Inc. or the company’s data center, please visit