DE-CIX, the world’s leading internet provider, needed to find a way to prepare for the exponential growth of global data traffic. As a result, and initially deployed in Frankfurt, Germany, DE-CIX selected Smartopitcs’ 400G infrastructure gear to upgrade its global network of connected multi-service interconnection Internet Exchange platform.  As a result of installing Smartoptics’ DCP-M40-ZR+ open line system, DE-CIX will deliver 400G connectivity while improving network monitoring, digital amplification of data traffic and better support high data rates for global data transfers. 

Prior to the announcement, DE-CIX’s global network was able to support individual connections up to 100 Mbps. Adding the Smartoptics solution will improve data performance for DE-CIX’s local Frankfurt IX connections, and when deployed globally will upgrade the company’s remote peering service – GlobePEER Remote – which offers remote peering across 18 DE-CIX IX’s globally. Dr. Thomas King, CTO at DE-CIX said, “The new 400G network solution is exciting on several levels. It will enable us to create an entirely new experience for our customers.” 

Most recently, companies like Aqua Comms, which provides transAtlantic subsea connectivity announced their network capacity upgrade to 400 Mbps on its AC-1 and AC-2 network. This solution was proven by Telia Carrier using Ciena’s GeoMech Extreme submarine network solution. Other global networks that recently announced updates to 400G capacity include Vodafone Turkey,  Colt within the UK, Virgin Media, and Zayo Networks. Companies that are following this route, know that even faster speeds and more bandwidth capabilities are on the horizon. Dr. Thomas King said, “With this latest technological leap, we prepare for the digital future.” 

Once 400G connectivity solutions are fully in place and proven throughout the industry, expect to see continued technology advancements, exponentially doubling capacity on these systems in the coming years. 

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