In a fast-paced, demanding and dynamic sphere such as IT and telecommunications, it can often seem like much of the industry dialogue centers around work that still needs to be done. Companies within technology-driven sectors are constantly looking ahead, planning for the future and pinpointing what challenges need to be overcome to facilitate the new world of 5G, the Internet of Things (IoT), the cloud and more. This type of forward-thinking attitude is the lifeblood of IT and telecommunications, enabling enterprises to keep pace with requirements even as they grow and change quickly and empowering end users to garner the advantages that the technological future offers.

However, there are moments when the industry and its players are encouraged to recognize and truly appreciate all that they and their peers have accomplished. At iMiller Public Relations, we’re driven by these moments of gratitude, recognition and appreciation for the companies that help shepherd us all into the future, and we always love to highlight the entities and the projects that are getting some much-deserved attention.

We’re thrilled to recognize three of our own clients for their shortlisting in The Carriers World Awards 2019. DE-CIX has been nominated for Best Data Center Exchange or Internet Exchange, GTT has been nominated for Best Enterprise Proposition and Best Global Carrier and ZenFi Networks have been nominated for Best Regional Carrier. Industry peers and customers are encouraged to vote here to help decide the winners of these awards. Voting closes on Friday, August 30.

DE-CIX, the world’s leading Internet Exchange (IX) operator with the fastest-growing IX in the New York metro area, has been reimagining network interconnection and shifting away from the historic data center-based model. While legacy models necessitate a reliance on colocation, which needs expensive remote equipment and cross-connects, DE-CIX has built neutral interconnection platforms to simplify and cut costs. The success of their innovative model can be seen in the fact that the company’s New York exchange became the largest carrier and data center-neutral IX in the market in just four and a half years. DE-CIX will continue to meet the needs of underserved locations with augmented and readily available connectivity.

GTT has been committed to redefining communications, providing a comprehensive portfolio of cloud networking services that drive efficiency and productivity improvements across organizations. To connect people across organizations, around the world and to every application in the cloud with simplicity, speed and agility, GTT has recently added uCPE (Universal Customer Premises Equipment) capabilities to its flagship SD-WAN service. GTT SD-WAN delivers managed global connectivity, enhanced application performance and control, and secure access to cloud-based services and applications. With uCPE, clients can leverage a flexible and innovative software defined platform to deploy virtualized network functions (VNFs) at their sites, replacing vendors’ appliances.

ZenFi Networks, an innovative, locally-owned and operated communications infrastructure company serving the New York and New Jersey markets, has been hard at work disrupting the connectivity landscape with a new type of network. Solving the infrastructure challenges presented by a 5G future, ZenFi Networks has built an innovative and unconventional network infrastructure with the best of both capacity and accessibility. From its unique, custom fronthaul interconnected at edge data center sites, to its high-capacity backhaul and a range of other world-class network solutions, ZenFi pushes the boundaries of fiber network capabilities to support every enterprise’s unique future.

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