Facility administrators and IT staff need accurate information concerning power consumption, thermals, airflow and utilization in the data center to be able to take appropriate actions. Faced with this challenge, many engineers and administrators are now turning to Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) tools to gain a holistic view of a data center’s performance and ensure that energy, equipment and floor space are used as efficiently as possible. But is DCIM overhyped or is it truly a game-changer?

In an upcoming webinar presented 451 Research, “Why DCIM Fails: Overcoming the Pitfalls,” taking place live online on October 25, at 1:00 p.m. ET, several of the data center industry’s leading experts will examine the necessary steps to realize DCIM’s full value and ROI. Featuring Rhonda Ascierto, Senior Research Analyst 451; John Parker, Global Data Center Manager, ESRI; and moderated by Fred Dirla, CEO, Austere Solutions; the group will explore the various issues DCIM has experienced in the marketplace and the importance of project leadership, operational process and cross-domain collaboration to ensure successful deployment.

There’s no question that DCIM provides data center managers with increased levels of automated control and timely information to manage capacity planning and allocations, as well as cooling efficiency. In large data centers, where electrical energy billing comprises a large portion of the cost of operation, the insight these software platforms provide into power and thermal management can positively affect an organization’s bottom line.

And yet, for others, the software has not achieved the ROI they expected. This is often because DCIM is an enabling technology as much as it is a management approach. The webinar, which also features Dave Eastman, VP InCommand, Serverfarm, will explore these issues and address the key question, “Is there any ‘easy button’ for DCIM to be successful?”

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