DC BLOX, a provider of interconnected multi-tenant data centers that delivers the infrastructure and connectivity essential to power today’s digital business, recently announced that it has been awarded a contract by the City of Birmingham, Alabama. DC BLOX was chosen as the provider of choice to help the City increase its core infrastructure’s reliability, agility and security through the implementation of colocation space and power and network connectivity.

“DC BLOX is very pleased to serve the City of Birmingham and its citizens by housing its core IT infrastructure in our Birmingham data center and by enabling a reliable disaster recovery plan,” states DC BLOX CEO Jeff Uphues. “Ever since considering Birmingham as the location for our newest data center, Mayor Woodfin and the City Council have been very supportive of our plans and efforts. So, DC BLOX is especially proud to now serve the City by enhancing the reliability, efficiency and security of the technology that Birmingham runs on.”

With goals of digitizing its existing information systems and processes, The City of Birmingham’s digital transformation was being hindered by the fact that its Software Development, Operations, Telecommunications and IT Governance services’ IT systems were housed in an on-premises location in Birmingham’s City Hall. Having been built in 1950, this location couldn’t be retrofitted to meet expanded IT requirements or goals for technology modernization, and the City of Birmingham needed a way to enhance its service delivery, business continuity, disaster recovery and connectivity by other means.

DC BLOX was chosen as the partner to support the City’s digital transformation and business continuity goals and was selected for its secure, reliable Tier III data center and its robust connectivity ecosystem. DC BLOX’s Birmingham location is the only Tier III multi-tenant data center in Alabama certified by The Uptime Institute for its concurrently maintainable design. This design delivers uninterrupted service through backup power generation in the event of the loss of utility power, adding an extra layer of reliability for Birmingham’s critical data. The City has 32kW of colocation space and power within the DC BLOX Birmingham facility —  a purpose-built, secure, reliable data center that can provide colocation for up to 60MW.

DC BLOX will deliver connectivity through Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) and 10Gb Ethernet Private Lines between Birmingham’s City Hall, a disaster recovery site at an undisclosed location and the DC BLOX Birmingham data center. This is delivered with DC BLOX’s private, resilient, high-speed, carrier-grade network fabric, which connects all of the company’s data centers. This connectivity fabric ensures that the company is capable of serving as the core of Birmingham’s digital infrastructure, offering high levels of reliability and agility while mitigating the risk of outages. The DC BLOX network also interconnects with Internet Exchanges in Atlanta and Montgomery and offers private line access to all major public cloud providers.

“The City of Birmingham is fortunate to now have a state-of-the-art data center with rich connectivity here in the heart of our City’s corporate and innovation centers,” states Patrick McLendon, Chief Technology Officer of the City of Birmingham. “A local Tier III data center with reliable connections to our existing facilities moves us a huge step forward in meeting our City’s IT goals. With DC BLOX as a strategic partner, we can accelerate our plans to digitize the City’s systems, improve the reliability of our services and enhance the customer experience for our citizens. The move also saves the city money by avoiding an expensive rebuild of our existing site and leveraging DC BLOX’s economy of scale.”

To learn more about DC BLOX, please visit www.dcblox.com.