DC BLOX, a leading provider of data centers and connectivity solutions, is making significant strides in enhancing the digital landscape of the Southeastern United States. The company recently completed the acquisition from Santee Cooper of 27.5 acres in Berkeley County, South Carolina, marking a pivotal step in its expansion plan. With plans to construct a state-of-the-art data center within the thriving Camp Hall commerce park, DC BLOX reaffirms its commitment to meeting the evolving needs of digital enterprises in the region.

Building the Future of Digital Infrastructure

The preliminary plan for the Berkeley County site is nothing short of ambitious. DC BLOX envisions a complex that includes four buildings, totaling an impressive 200,000 square feet of space, and boasting a remarkable 45 MW of planned power. This expansion offers businesses a build-to-suit option, ensuring a tailor-made infrastructure to meet their unique requirements.

Berkeley County, with its proximity to Charleston and Google’s data center in Moncks Corner, presents an ideal location for data centers. Moreover, the availability of power from Santee Cooper and connectivity to DC BLOX’s Cable Landing Station (CLS) in Myrtle Beach further solidify this choice. Notably, DC BLOX’s CLS in Myrtle Beach has been confirmed as the landing station for Google’s Firmina and Nuvem subsea cables, as well as Edge Holdings’ Anjana subsea cable, emphasizing the region’s significance as a connectivity hub.

A Boon for Digital Infrastructure in the Southeast

Berkeley County Supervisor Johnny Cribb expressed enthusiasm for DC BLOX’s presence, recognizing the critical role the company’s data center will play in bolstering the information technology sector in the county, the region, and beyond. As the world increasingly depends on digital infrastructure, DC BLOX’s investment is poised to meet the growing demand.

Beyond data centers, DC BLOX is also investing in a high-capacity dark fiber route linking its Myrtle Beach CLS to Atlanta, traversing Berkeley County. This new route will establish an express path to Atlanta’s connectivity and data center hubs, meeting the demands of hyperscalers and fast-growing applications such as AI/ML.

A Green Focus on Growth

Camp Hall, situated in Berkeley County, is unique among industrial parks for its focus on environmental sustainability, workforce development, and technology integration. It aligns perfectly with DC BLOX’s commitment to growth, ensuring the infrastructure, permits, and entitlements are in place to foster innovation and progress.

Looking Ahead

Jimmy Staton, Santee Cooper President and CEO, welcomed DC BLOX to Camp Hall, recognizing the company’s role in promoting technology-driven industries and quality jobs in the Berkeley County and greater Charleston area.

This expansion in Berkeley County adds to DC BLOX’s existing South Carolina presence, with data centers in Greenville and the newly established Cable Landing Station in Myrtle Beach. The company’s strategic growth plan also identifies additional expansion opportunities in Atlanta, Birmingham, Huntsville, Chattanooga, and beyond.

As digital businesses continue to thrive and evolve, DC BLOX stands at the forefront, building the essential infrastructure that powers today’s digital world. To learn more about DC BLOX and its mission to connect the Southeast, visit www.dcblox.com.