Already a leading provider of reliable data centers across the Southeast, DC BLOX has expanded its connectivity capabilities through the DC BLOX Connectivity eXchange (DCB-CX). This interconnection platform enables participants anywhere within the DC BLOX connectivity ecosystem to peer across a high bandwidth, low latency software defined fabric. The DCB-CX offers connectivity across its footprint enabling virtual connections to built in carriers, public cloud providers, regional Internet Exchanges (Atlanta, Montgomery and Nashville). It has recently expanded its reach with the addition of DC BLOX’s newest data center in Greenville, South Carolina.

The DCB-CX is more than just an Internet Exchange, it is a distributed IX. The DCB-CX essentially creates a single virtual data center stretched across the Southeastern United States. CEO, Jeff Uphues said it best, “Our goal is to not only provide our customers with secure, reliable data center services, but to become the de facto data exchanges in all of our markets.” The DCB-CX was created to address the need for agile, efficient, and resilient connectivity in underserved markets across the Southeast, with the DCB-CX, organizations in the region are no longer constrained by legacy networks, limited local service provider options, or having to colocate in out-of-state Internet Exchanges.

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