DC BLOX recently announced the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA)  awarded them the contract for the colocation and network services for MARTA’s disaster recovery solution. MARTA, established in 1979, is a combined bus-and-rail transit system providing safe, convenient and affordable public transportation for Atlanta area residents and visitors. DC BLOX will aid the transit authority in protecting its mission-critical infrastructure which supports transit for over 1.7 million residents of metro Atlanta.

“Because of our mission, MARTA recognizes the importance of having a disaster recovery solution for our critical IT infrastructure,” said Jeffrey Parker, General Manager & CEO of MARTA. “We are confident that DC BLOX will help us meet our demanding migration, colocation and network requirements.” MARTA is the ninth largest public transportation system in the United States providing more than 430,000 daily passenger trips, and is a significant part of the regional and state economy, contributing an estimated $2.6 billion in economic activity every year and supporting an estimated 24,000 jobs.

MARTA awarded DC BLOX a multi-year contract based in an open bid process, choosing the multi-tenant data center colocation and connectivity provider from a broad field of local, national and international data center and infrastructure providers because of its geographical data center location, exceptional connectivity design, and a strong value proposition. DC BLOX will provide 100kW of critical IT load to MARTA from its Tier 3 Chattanooga, TN data center.

DC BLOX will also interconnect its private, high-speed, high-capacity, mesh-protected network to multiple points on the MARTA network enabling connectivity resiliency, as well as cloud and carrier access. The Chattanooga facility also offers dual 1600 Amp utility service and an automatic utility transfer switch fed from diverse substations. It’s two 1.5MW Caterpillar generators, 36 hours of on-site fuel storage and redundant UPS feeds to all Edge BLOX Pods mean that MARTA’s disaster recovery system is supported by multi-layer backups.

“DC BLOX is honored that MARTA has entrusted our team to deliver a critical service in support of such a vital function as public transportation,” said Jeff Uphues DC BLOX CEO. “MARTA clearly values our Chattanooga location as a superior disaster recovery solution for their primary mission critical infrastructure located in metro Atlanta.”

DC BLOX will provide move assistance to MARTA as it deploys necessary workloads and infrastructure to the Chattanooga data center. DC BLOX will also consult with MARTA in route optimizing traffic between the multiple 8.8Tbs network segments connecting DC BLOX Atlanta and DC BLOX Chattanooga.

To learn more about DC BLOX infrastructure, connectivity and SDN services, visit www.dcblox.com.