Q&A with Data Center POST’s Contributing Editor, Kathy Xu

David Eastman, Server Farm, VP of InCommandData Center POST recently spoke with David Eastman, who serves as Server Farm’s VP of InCommand,  overseeing development and delivery of the globally deployed Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) solution. Server Farm will be in attendance at Data Center World next week in Los Angeles. Mr. Eastman will also share his insights in a session titled, “Successful Organizational Structures for Effective Data Center Management” at Data Center World on Wednesday, April 5 from 2:30 to 3:20 PM. In this Q&A, Mr. Eastman discusses the mission of Server Farm, the company’s path to success and the evolution of the data center industry.

Data Center POST, Kathy Xu (DCP-KX) Question: Tell our readers about your company. What do you do and what problems are you attempting to solve?

Server Farm, Dave Eastman (Server Farm-DE) Answer: Server Farm is a unique data center company, whose mission is to maximize data center and IT infrastructure efficiencies by providing a holistic approach to building, integrating and managing data center environments and IT deployments. We provide complete data center oversight from facility to IT infrastructure management, which enables our customers to concentrate on growing their businesses.

DCP-KX Q: What do you attribute your company’s success to?

Server Farm-DE A: We have heavily invested in facilities, people, process and software in an effort to help streamline the way firms lease and manage their IT assets. This investment supported the development of InCommand, our IT infrastructure management service that provides complete infrastructure insight. InCommand provides key metrics to our customers so they can maximize data center efficiencies and choose pay-as-you-go colocation with high-touch service that assures their data center requirements will be met.

DCP-KX Q:  How do you see the data center industry evolving?

Server Farm-DE A: The data center market is continually changing as companies are moving to a hybrid solution, working to right-size their legacy data centers and meet the growing demands of the marketplace. It’s imperative that companies providing products and services to this market are agile, flexible and truly support customers as they search for the specific and unique blend that suits their organization.

DCP-KX Q: What new developments are on the horizon for your company?

Server Farm-DE A: Server Farm is continuing to innovate with leading-edge IT infrastructure management services for our global customers, and also growing our data center portfolio.

DCP-KX Q: What would you like to accomplish at Data Center World?

Server Farm-DE A: At Data Center World we are sharing thought leadership in IT infrastructure management, as well as connecting with partners and clients.

DCP-KX: Thank you for your time and best of luck at Data Center World.

Readers, if you are interested to learn more about Server Farm, a unique data center company, please visit http://www.serverfarmllc.com/.

If you would like to attend Data Center World, please register at this link. Follow all things Data Center World on Twitter with the hashtag #DataCenterWorld.