Datalec Precision Installations (DPI), a provider of world-class data centre design, supply, build and support services to deliver seamless, integrated and unified end-to-end solutions for data centre operators, has announced the acquisition of Technivo, a specialist technical cleaning company operating in the UK and Europe. 

This acquisition will help strengthen DPI’s service portfolio by reinforcing the company’s turnkey solution through the supply of a full range of technical, maintenance and critical environment cleaning services. Complying to ISO 14644/8 standards, services offered will provide many benefits for UK and European data centres as well as clients who can now access the new technical cleaning service through DPI’s elevated in-house portfolio.

The company assured data centre operators that the new in-house technical cleaning service meets the same delivery standards and quality assurance already enjoyed by DPI clients. In fact, project timescales and costs will be greatly improved upon as this fundamental service is delivered basic to any DPI construction plan.

Both companies are excited about the future developments as Danny Keeper, Founder and Group Director at DPI, commented, “Following a partnership with Technivo that has existed for several years, and given the synergies and expertise developed in that period, the shareholders at DPI and Technivo believed the time was right to fully integrate through acquisition. We believed that owning and operating this business would bring even greater value and efficiency to our clients.” Nick Powis, MD at Technivo, adds, “We are excited to be joining forces with DPI, a company that is dedicated to providing high-quality data centre services across the UK and beyond. This acquisition creates the ability to deliver critical environmental services at the highest standard to ensure optimised data centre environments.”

Through the blending of DPI and Technivo’s combined experience, expertise and critical solutions the two are able to deliver international data centre installations with state-of-the-art technical cleaning services. 

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