Datalec Precision Installations (DPI), a provider of world-class data centre design, supply, build and support services to deliver seamless, integrated and unified end-to-end solutions for data centre providers, announces the appointment of Matt Perrier-Flint as Datalec’s Operations Director for the UK and Ireland. Matt’s roles and responsibilities include collaborating with customers and employees to ensure maintenance of safe work practices and efficient work environments. Matt’s knowledge and experience will allow him to drive forward the life cycle of Datalec’s portfolio of services and capabilities while ensuring compliance within DPI facilities. His talent and critical skills paired with his experience in design, installation and commissioning of mechanical and electrical systems makes him a great fit for the Operations Director role for Datalec in the UK and Ireland. 

Matt Perrier-Flint’s appointment contributes to Datalec’s success in 2021 and his skills will further strengthen Datalec’s growth moving forward into 2022. Datalec’s recent additions to its workforce is an exciting time for the organization due to the quality and strength of the new professionals added to the team. To learn more about Datalec Precision Installations (DPI), please visit