Stephen Scott, CEO of Datalec Precision Installations (DPI), participated in the Independent Data Center Alliance’s LIVE webinar, “How Data Center Design Requirements are Beginning to Shift with New Standards Set by Data Center Providers,” on November 17th, 2021. Stephen was joined by Founder and CEO of DataGryd, Tom Brown, and Executive Managing Director of FNT Software, Steve MacDiarmid. The discussion included the evolving data centre market with each panellist sharing their expert insight on data centre design, management and new technologies that addressed the shift in the data centre industry. 

Stephen Scott began by discussing the enormous growth in demand for data centre services. He further mentioned the restricted availability of resources needed to allow companies like Datalec to build and operate these data centres and the importance of succession and attracting people into the industry. Datalec is constantly pursuing perfection with a focus on innovation. Stephen further explained that data centre operators will soon change the way they manage data centres, for example, thinking of ways to build state-of-the-art data centres with sustainable green credentials. With the acceleration of the data centre industry and the need for improved connectivity, operators need to address their growing customer demands. 

Stephen, along with the other panellists, discussed that the industry now has the benefit of experienced buyers who carefully consider their acquisition strategies. Customers today are more informed than ever before; it is crucial for operators to compete through contemporary design considerations. 

To learn more about the shifts in data centre design from Datalec Precision Installations DataGryd and FNT Software, please watch the full webinar here

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