Datalec is delivering end-to-end infrastructure design, build, installation and support capabilities for data centres throughout Europe, the United States, and the Far East. Datalec’s network infrastructure specialists share a wealth of expertise in providing an extensive range of tailored cabling solutions including high and low voltage power, voice, data, and powered fibre. Datalec has decided to heavily invest in its staff, facilities and resources to excel in self-delivery into practical application. In order to control quality and availability, Datalec relies heavily on its manufacturing plan which provides the added benefit of greater control over time to deliver. Future benefits include the ability to innovate and develop, which is high in demand from clients who are eagerly looking for advanced technical solutions within the whitespace. 

Datalec takes advantage of state-of-the-art technologies, including BIM and 3D modeling to create construction drawings for total accuracy. Lee Eiffert, COO at Datalec comments “Our advanced technologies reduce risks and cost while increasing efficiency and flexibility in design, ensuring high quality project implementations within client timescales and budget.” Datalec has developed a world-class team of cable technicians with vast experience in data center construction and whitespace fit-outs. Datalec intends to continue heavily investing its manufacturing resources and its technicians’ knowledge base and skill-set. Datalec aims to meet the connectivity needs of clients today with the capacity to evolve and scale with their business tomorrow. 

To learn more about Datalec, visit our website https://datalecltd.co.uk/