DataGryd, a premier data center provider in New York City, recently announced that it has selected Clune Construction, the national award winning construction company, to build out DataGryd’s MegaSuite 6 data hall. Clune leverages over two decades of experience garnered from major mission-critical projects across the U.S., and now brings its skills to DataGryd’s iconic 60 Hudson Street location. The construction project, slated to be ready for occupancy towards the end of Q2 2019, will provide the most modern, efficient, high-density and high-performance data center space available in lower Manhattan.

DataGryd selected Clune Construction as the project’s general contractor due to its outstanding track record and ability to successfully deliver superior end results in a timely manner. Clune is helping to support DataGryd’s commitment to providing its customers with near limitless scalability in one of the most critical business locations in the world and one of the most concentrated global data networking hubs.

“Clune is excited to play such a big part in one of the largest data center construction projects taking place in Manhattan,” adds Ben Walker, Executive Managing Director and President of Clune’s Eastern Region. “We are looking forward to working with DataGryd and their customers to bring their vision for MegaSuite 6 to reality.”

Once the build out of MegaSuite 6 is complete, DataGryd customers will be able to enjoy cost-effective megawatt configurations supported by 5,000 kilowatts (kW) of utility power generators and cooling towers. Customers will also be able to directly connect to more than 300 carriers, network providers, exchanges and over six fully operational subsea systems that are anchored within the building with no monthly cross connect fees. This no monthly cross connect model allows DataGryd customers to experience huge cost savings that could reach tens of thousands of dollars over the lifetime of an agreement.

To learn more about DataGryd and its data center solutions at 60 Hudson Street in New York City, please click here.