It’s true that in this era of constant innovation, with new gadgetry emerging at every turn, technology is king. However, even as the IT and telecommunications industries become increasingly dependent on the latest and greatest computing and automation strategies, the push of the enterprising human can never be replaced. In fact, at the core of every technological breakthrough or revolutionary strategy or application, interpersonal collaboration and initiative still remain the big, beating heart of it all.

To celebrate those individuals that continue to push the telecommunications sphere to new heights, Capacity Magazine, issued by Capacity Media, an essential source of news and events in the telecommunications wholesale carrier and service provider marketplace, created the Power 100 List. The list features the most influential players in the industry and is the first global index of innovators, critical thinkers and problem solvers across voice, data, messaging, subsea, data center, and beyond. This year, DataGryd’s own CEO, Tom Brown, was one of the agents of change featured in the inaugural; Power 100 list.

As a premier data center provider in New York City, DataGryd leverages the largest single footprint data center available in one of the world’s most eminent and strategic international data network hubs. The facility, found at the landmark location of 60 Hudson Street, delivers unparalleled space and power to customers to meet the increasing demand for data processing and storage and, in turn, support emerging technologies like 5G and IoT.

Recently, the company has been keeping busy with its most notable project: building out its MegaSuite 6 to further enhance the New York data center scene. MegaSuite 6, a high-density and high-performance data center suite, will augment the company’s data capabilities and deliver even greater value to customers in the form of improved security, reliability, and more. Advancements like these, launched with the ultimate goal of meeting critical requirements to empower and enable the future of telecom, are what make the company a powerhouse in the telecommunications sphere.

Throughout DataGryd’s innovative projects and plans, Brown remains at the center of the company’s strategy and growth. As CEO, he leverages over 25 years of leadership experience to plan and implement strategy and manage the overall revenue growth of the company. Beyond that, Brown is a strong voice for the company. Whether it be by appearing at industry events or participating in discussions about the industry at large, Brown remains an integral part of the company’s story and success, and as such, he continues to facilitate the success of the greater telecommunications sphere.

“I am truly humbled by this recognition,” notes Brown. “There is always more work to be done, but I am certainly proud of the direction our company is going in. Congratulations to all who have been recognized on this first ever Power 100 List and to the whole DataGryd team for believing in who we are and what we can achieve.”

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