The data center real estate market boomed in the first quarter of 2022, building off of the industry’s historic growth in 2021. With global demand for data center space set to steadily grow, and new restrictions arriving in select major markets, operators and consumers across industry will have  to navigate these ever-changing shifts. datacenterHawk, the leading global data center real estate analysis platform, recently shared highlights from its 2Q 2022 Data Center Market Recap, detailing its findings of dynamic growth in the North American and European markets, along with rapid expansion in the APAC market.

datacenterHawk’s quarterly recaps rely on their proprietary standardized methodology to provide real time data that allows users to discover, track and compare trends and pricing in individual markets across the North American, European, and APAC regions. During its extensive analysis process conducted at the end of 2Q, the datacenterHawk team analyzed data center real estate data points collected from over 35 individual markets across North America, Europe, and the APAC regions. The data and analysis are detailed in the comprehensive summary released in August 2022, which indicates strong demand in major markets across the data center sector.

datacenterHawk’s global data center market highlights include primary vacancy rates averaging their lowest point ever recorded in the North American market. While the major North American markets continue to grow, challenges with power delivery and site availability are pushing some demand and giving opportunities for increased activity in secondary markets. In Europe, enterprise and hyperscale users have remained active across the region. The Frankfurt, London, Amsterdam, Paris and Dublin (FLAP-D) markets combined for their strongest demand period. In the APAC region, demand for data center space remained high, though many major markets have limited supply, and new markets have continued to arise, a marked trend from 1Q 2022.

The real time market data can be accessed via Hawk Insight, datacenterHawk’s product featuring data center trends, activity, and pricing for more than 35 markets across North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific. datacenterHawk’s 2Q 2022 Market Analysis is expected to be released in July 2022.

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