As time marches on and the world’s population grows, the number of connected devices and the global reliance upon the internet is expanding at breakneck speed. Phones, computers and other devices, along with the applications they provide for banking, communication, entertainment and more, have become a permanent and ubiquitous fixture of daily life for the vast majority of individuals.

Datacenter People Group, the number one recruitment firm to the data center and cloud sector worldwide, discusses the importance of today’s internet, the data that moves through it, the clouds that store it and, most importantly, the data centers that create its foundation in its new video. Within the video, Peter Hannaford, Chairman and Founder of Datacenter People, discusses how data centers have changed since he started his career in the computing industry more than four decades ago. Most notably, Hannaford highlights the trajectory of how data center began, grew and have evolved to accommodate skyrocketing demands, the search for and the supply of talent has become strained.

Moore’s Law, which asserts that the number of transistors on a microchip doubles every two years while the cost of a computer is halved, is pushing data centers and their employees to their limits. Now, the future of the world’s data centers is defined by their ability to find, attract and retain vital talent.

The contemporary data center requires exceptional talent to maintain successful operation, and as a former Vice President of Data Centers for a large multinational corporation, Hannaford has first-hand experience of what it’s like to not be able to build an appropriate workforce. The striking lack of recruiting firms targeting data center talent is what inspired Hannaford to launch Datacenter People, the first recruitment company to focus exclusively and globally on this critical sector.

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