Linda Mentzer, vice president of product management and marketing at SEPATON (, says:

Unlike small to medium sized organizations, large enterprises have a variety of difficult data protection challenges. For large organizations, data protection means far more than simply backing up data. It means deterministically backing up massive volumes of data in locations worldwide, protecting branch locations and central data centers, and meeting business continuity and service levels– all while staying within shrinking backup windows. It also means:

  • Meeting stringent regulatory requirements – financial, healthcare etc. regulations require increasing data retention times, faster data restores, and auditable data erasure
  • Staying ahead of exponential data growth. Business growth drives massive volumes of growing data which drive demand for more performance and capacity to continue to meet backup/restore, business continuity requirements and restore SLAs.
  • Planning and budgeting accurately for the future. Advanced management and reporting is needed to ensure systems are operated at peak efficiency, that today’s requirements are being met and that forecasting for the future is accurate.
  • Maintaining operational flexibility in data protection environments to adapt to mergers, acquisitions, new technology adoption and other changing market needs.

Enterprise-class datacenter IT managers need to choose a scalable data protection platform specifically designed for large enterprises to ensure reliable disaster recovery, modular scalability of performance and capacity, that meet stringent backup window and recovery requirements. They should avoid data protection solutions designed for the SMB market that require multiple bounded independent system deployments to eliminate costly data center sprawl, added complexity in reconfiguration of backup infrastructure and administration and non-deterministic backup performance.

SEPATON is the only company in the world that designs and implements data protection solution specifically for large enterprises. SEPATON data protection platforms help large organizations reduce risk and improve operational efficiency in the data center. SEPATON’s DeltaScale® architecture and ContentAware™ technology combine advanced technology design, proven methodologies, and in-depth expertise to deliver the performance, scalability, management reporting, and flexibility that enterprises need to address their growing data protection challenges. The SEPATON platform is the only data protection solution designed to

  • Reduce CAPEX and OPEX with a single system that delivers concurrent multi-protocol (FC, OST, NDMP, NAS), deduplication and replication
  • Scale performance and capacity cost-efficiently and independently within a single system. Unique grid scalability eliminates over-buying and costly multi-system sprawl.
  • Protect massive data volumes. Delivers unparalleled deterministic backup performance, enterprise-optimized concurrent deduplication, bandwidth-optimized replication, and massive single system capacity to protect the largest data sets in the world simply and cost-efficiently.
  • Reduce OPEX, lower risk of data loss with massive single system scalability – 43.2 TB/hr deterministic backup performance, regardless of data type or change rate within a single system/1.6PB usable physical capacity
  • Simplified management and reporting provides unmatched ability to tune and customize data protection environments. ContentAware technology allows superior backup environment efficiency and replication optimization down to the byte level
  • Flexibility to add new technologies. SEPATON products feature storage pooling to enable simple, non-disruptive adoption of new data protection protocols (10 Gb Ethernet/OST) and manage heterogeneous backup application environments.

Our advice is to choose a data protection solution specifically designed for large enterprises that can enable you to backup, deduplicate, store and restore massive data volumes without requiring multiple systems or complex manual management. Look for solutions that will modularly scale to meet your needs both now and in the future and provide the detailed reporting you need to ensure optimal efficiency.