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Voltage Security


Carole Murphy, Director of Product Marketing, Voltage Security says:

We recently announced the certification of Voltage SecureData™ on Cloudera Enterprise 5, in which Voltage delivers innovative and industry-standard technologies to securely de-identify sensitive data in production, test/development and analytics use cases.

As enterprises rapidly implement Hadoop for business analytics, insights, and decision-making, sensitive customer and corporate data proliferate in the Hadoop ecosystem. We’re talking about credit card numbers, intellectual property, customer files, and more.  As a result, enterprises are recognizing the need for powerful new data-centric approaches to protection that neutralize the risk of a breach or insider threat while preserving the utility and analytic value of the data.

Securing big data is critical to every organization, but many are struggling with how to accomplish this affordably and effectively. Data-centric protection solutions provide persistent security to data, both structured and unstructured, throughout the data lifecycle. Our technology integration with Cloudera makes it possible to secure sensitive data entering Hadoop, control access to that data, and ensure compliance with international data security, residency and privacy regulations, all while optimizing performance and scalability.

With the innovative and proven techniques delivered by Voltage SecureData, such as Format-preserving Encryption™ (FPE) and Secure Stateless Tokenization™ (SST), protection is applied at the data field and sub-field level – for example, to date ranges, the first 6 and last 4 digits of PAN data, and other critical data characteristics – so the security applies regardless of where the data moves or resides. Voltage SecureData is format-preserving, which means the de-identified data can be used for business processes and analytics, in its protected form, but is of no value to an attacker even if it is stolen. This enables privacy compliance and risk-reduced fraud detection in payments data sets, large data set pattern analysis in medical data, and customer behavior analysis for retail or financial services optimization.

Tim Stevens, vice president of business and corporate development, Cloudera, said, “We are very pleased to certify Voltage SecureData on Cloudera Enterprise 5, providing enterprise organizations with a powerful technology solution that allows them to create enhanced business value from their data while ensuring that data is protected from unauthorized use.”

Voltage certification on Cloudera Enterprise 5, and use of the Cloudera Certified Technology logo, signifies that Voltage and Cloudera are technology partners and work together at a product and engineering level to ensure compatibility among our products.

The Cloudera technology certification program allows Voltage Security to work directly with Cloudera to integrate, test and certify Voltage SecureData solutions with Cloudera Enterprise, providing customers with the confidence that their choice of Voltage Security will work seamlessly with the most complete and popular platform powered by Apache Hadoop. The certification program enables partners to help deliver integrated Big Data solutions to the market, and allows Cloudera to rapidly identify and refer the most appropriate partners to customers in order for those enterprises to build world-class Big Data management systems powered by Cloudera.