Originally posted to Data Center Frontier by Julius Neudorfer

This special report series examines the equipment, operational characteristics and conditions that can influence various points in the data center power chain, which ultimately can the impact the power quality and operation of the IT equipment.

Understanding Key Elements of Data Center Availability

Generally speaking, the term data center “availability” is focused on maintaining the security of a physical facility and the power and cooling infrastructure systems that support the IT equipment (ITE). The data center industry has several different organizations which have developed guidelines and terminologies which are commonly used as an availability classification reference.

It should be noted that in addition to the Uptime Institute, the Telecommunications Industry Association “TIA” also has a similar rating structure (1-4) contained in their TIA-942-B document. It is a design specification referenced by many in the industry.

Also to be noted that the redundancy requirements apply to power and cooling systems, as well as other critical infrastructure elements of the data center.

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