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Data Center Managers Set Their Sights on 2017New Year’s resolutions are the time for everyone to commit to major changes in their personal and professional lives. Unfortunately, resolutions are often short-lived and by the beginning of February, many folks have already broken or abandoned their promises. Each January, gyms and fitness studios across the nation see a dramatic uptick in membership but sadly, more than one in five new gym-goers will purchase a membership and never use it more than once or twice, according to U.S.-based International Health, Racquet, and Sportsclub Association (IHRSA).

For data center operators, it’s a different story. New Year’s resolutions look a little different than your average diet or new fitness goal: leverage new automated processes, implement a corporate disaster recovery plan, utilize real-time analytics, or institute company-wide green initiatives, just to name a few. Unlike those who break their resolutions by the second week of January and chalk it up to bad luck, data center managers have a much larger responsibility to keep their commitments as the unsung hero tasked with maintaining “business as usual” where they have little to no excuse for falling off the wagon a month after the start of the year.

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