data-center-efficiency-the-new-mark-of-leadership-1What does it take to be successful in business today? It requires more than just turning a strong profit. Now, businesses must also prove they can efficiently and responsibly manage their data center resources.

LinkedIn is an enterprise that takes this message to heart.

Just recently, LinkedIn was awarded the Efficient IT (EIT) Stamp of Approval at Infomart’s flagship data center, Infomart Portland, by Uptime Institute, an advisory organization focused on improving efficiency, reliability and business critical infrastructure through independent certifications.

So, what is the Efficient IT Stamp of Approval, and why is it so important?

data-center-efficiency-the-new-mark-of-leadership-2Receipt of this approval is given after a complete evaluation of enterprise leadership, operations and computing infrastructure. It’s designed to help guide businesses to lower costs, increase efficiency and leverage technology for good stewardship of corporate and environmental resources.

The award for Efficient IT certifies an organization’s sustainable leadership in IT, proving that a business has control over how its resources are consumed and allocated.

LinkedIn’s Infomart Portland data center serves as LinkedIn’s premier data center for innovative design, diligent operations and good stewardship of corporate and environmental resources. The data center also grants LinkedIn access to green power, which is one of LinkedIn’s specific criteria’s for its data centers.

Additional benefits from Infomart Portland include:

  • A low environmental impact
  • Expansion capabilities
  • Network diversity
  • High quality power
  • Talent opportunities

“Our newest data center is a big step forward, allowing us to adopt a hyperscale architecture while being even more efficient about how we consume resources,” stated Sonu Nayyar, VP of Production Operations & IT for LinkedIn. “Uptime Institute’s Efficient IT Stamp of Approval is a strong confirmation that our management functions of IT, data center engineering, finance, and sustainability are aligned. We look forward to improving how we source energy and ultimately reaching our goal of 100 percent renewable energy.”

LinkedIn became the first enterprise colocation partnership to receive the Efficient IT Stamp of Approval. The company currently holds the highest Efficient IT rating in the world.

President of Infomart Data Centers John Sheputis, spoke about what the partnership means for Infomart.

“We are honored to be chosen by LinkedIn for this project. Both our organizations place great value on efficiency, and we knew this project would be special from the moment we began collaborating on design. Efficiency and sustainability are achieved through superior control of resources, not sacrificing performance or availability,” explained Sheputis. “We are proud to play a supporting role and view this award as further evidence of Infomart’s long-term commitment to working with customers to create the most sustainable IT operations in the world.”

Uptime Institute Chief Operating Officer Julian Kudritzki offered praise for LinkedIn’s achievement.

“Congratulations to LinkedIn for the organizational achievement of the Efficient IT Stamp of Approval,” said Kudritzki. “As we developed Efficient IT, we looked for a way to prioritize management action. The Portland data center showcases organizational commitment around the best use of IT investments. LinkedIn is a company that stands behind its mandate of continuous improvement and truly validates Uptime Institute’s holistic and outcome-based approach of Efficient IT.”

To learn more about Uptime Institute, click here. For more information about Infomart Portland, click here.