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In the telecommunications industry today, efficiency and convenience reign in a sector of complex developments. Enterprises have expressed a desire for solutions that reduce complexity and increase business productivity, all while remaining scalable, secure and cost effective. DāSTOR, the Pennsylvania based data center, disaster recovery and cloud infrastructure company launched earlier in 2021 is no exception.

On November 2nd, DāSTOR announced its partnership with Carma to utilize their entire suite of offerings in order to support operations across their data centers. DāSTOR plans to implement the fully integrated Carma Network & Digital Infrastructure (NDI) platform, including CRM, ordering, service delivery capabilities (BSS), physical inventory management (OSS), and customer-facing portal. The NDI will ensure all employees within the organization operate from the same set of data and process information through a single unified platform.

DāSTOR’s enterprise-class data center solutions leverage foundational infrastructure and interconnectivity to drive scalable and reliable digital services. The company’s core services include colocation, public/private cloud connectivity, and disaster recovery solutions supported by high compliance standards and managed service capabilities. With DāSTOR, customers seamlessly connect to partners and clients for a more secure digital experience. 

Carma, a Microsoft for Startups member, CSP Direct Partner, ISV Cloud Embed Partner, and Dynamics 365 Telecom Accelerator Member, builds a comprehensive telecommunications management platform focused on the foundational network inventory for network operators, data centers, and large enterprises. Carma links the physical assets of the network and data center to every customer, order, service, and invoice line item for complete visibility into every transaction within the telecommunications industry. 

DāSTOR makes moves to accelerate the company’s continuous, rapid growth. In September, the company announced their acquisition of Databridge Sites’ King of Prussia, Pennsylvania data center facility. The location is a Tier 3 facility with an N+1 power distribution system designed to support colocation, cloud and hybrid colocation solutions. Now with their new partnership with Carma, DāSTOR’s teams across all departments will have access to the same trusted data, reducing the service delivery time and improving the customer experience. Carma’s systems also give DāSTOR employees complete visibility into all aspects of their business. This aspect is key when considering that DāSTOR is still integrating multiple operations after their September launch and subsequent acquisitions. As they continue to integrate assets and services, Carma’s services will help DāSTOR continue to provide an exceptional critical digital infrastructure experience for their customers.

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