DartPoints, an edge colocation operator, has earned the DCD>Global Awards Edge Data Center Project of the Year for its carrier neutral interconnection point in Eastern Iowa, which announced its RFS date in August 2020. The facility serves as a network ecosystem and meet-me point between carriers and applications; cooperatively designed with local networks and municipal entities. 

The Eastern Iowa facility redefines the way data traffic is managed and lays a firm foundation to improve content and application performance to meet demands at the edge. Partners included the Iowa Communications Alliance, South Slope Cooperative Communications, Aureon, Connected Nation and TMGcore with engagement from the Governor of Iowa’s office.

The winners included; Microsoft – Energy Smart Award, Facebook – Hyperscale Data Center Award, CyrusOne – Data Center Construction Team of the Year, EcoDataCenter – Multi Tenant Data Center Design, Yotta Infrastructure – Data Center Architecture Award, and OCP Group – Enterprise Data Center Design, Enel X – Mission Critical Technical Innovation and Salute Mission Critical – Data Center Operations Team of the Year.

Commenting about the win, DartPoints CEO Scott Willis said, “it is an honor to be recognized and to show that we made good on our promise to a great community to improve network performance through peering at the edge. DartPoints congratulates all the 2020 DCD Global Awards winners for innovation that propels the industry forward.”

DartPoints recognizes that the project could not have been possible without the support from State leaders, including Governor Reynolds and Lieutenant Governor Gregg. Willis adds, “this shows what we can achieve when we partner with state broadband initiatives. Eastern Iowa now directly reaps the benefits of State incentives. They have local digital infrastructure to support remote work and learning demands and to drive future prosperity and growth.”

Data Centre Dynamics (DCD) has been hosting their DCD>Awards for 14 years, honoring the efforts and innovations of colleagues around the world, the ultimate showcase for data center excellence. Award categories range from Energy Smart, Hyperscale Data Center, Data Center Architecture, Enterprise Data Center Design, Edge Data Center Projects, and various other categories. 

For more information about DartPoints and their carrier-neutral interconnection data centers at the edge, visit www.dartpoints.com.