DartPoints, an owner and operator of carrier-neutral, edge data centers, announced that they have selected DE-CIX’s global leading multi-service interconnection platform for deployment in Tier II and Tier III markets. These fully managed and locally deployed multi-service Internet Exchange platforms are set to improve network performance in markets traditionally underserved. 

The need for interconnection has become a necessary element for businesses. Interconnection matters because it provides you with low latency, high availability connections that enable the ability to more reliably transfer data. For enterprises, this means access to faster cloud services, improved performance, and lower costs. For gamers, this means a better end-user experience, and for 5G, this means a connected local cloud to power the promise of mobile enabling precision agriculture, automatic, smart city applications, autonomous vehicles, and more. None of these applications work well if the data has to travel far or with too many hops to reach the public Internet.

DartPoints’ locally-deployed IXs will be standalone interconnection points that provide immediate access to local peering, core content and application providers, with regional and global access through a single port. DartPoints is providing the market with something that the industry has not seen done before. Content like streaming services work better when the content is close by and the network is not overly congested. Private, regulated data in applications like online healthcare are more secure close to home. Many of these services are available in underserved markets, but have remained inferior in performance as compared to the nation’s top markets, until now.

Enabling local market interconnection, DartPoints equalizes the playing field for underserved and hard to reach regions for the first time ever. These initial deployments give networks, enterprises, schools and local governments equal access to digital applications on par with major markets, realizing immediate value. 

DartPoints is now assembling key elements of its unique edge strategy that is focused on facilitating and evolving interconnection at the edge. CEO of DartPoints, Scott Willis said “We are executing on our vision to bring purpose-built data centers, local Internet Exchanges, and other solutions like TMGCore’s net generation distributed cloud infrastructure, that will catalyze the migration of content and applications to local markets across the U.S.”

Data performs better when it is local. DartPoints is creating the places where local data – such as content and cloud connectivity – can live and thrive. To learn more, click here

For more information about DartPoints visit www.dartpoints.com.