Gary Heath, CEO, Informative Graphics Corporation (, says:

In the second quarter of this year, Arizona-based Informative Graphics Corp. will be releasing its new Brava!® Enterprise HTML client (Brava HTML), which will provide browser-based viewing of virtually any document type. Because the viewer is HTML-based, it is truly zero-footprint, with no plug-ins to install and no other technology, like Flash or Java, required. This also allows all users to have the same experience whether they are on a PC or Mac, using Windows or Linux, or using Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox or Chrome. Since the traditional PC/Windows/Internet Explorer trio is no longer monopolizing the business world, universal support is essential for tools to be relevant and useful in today’s business environments.

The Brava viewer is already available with ActiveX, Java and Flash clients, but the HTML client will open Brava up to a broader audience by enabling increased platform support. The first release will support document viewing, thumbnail navigation and text search with term-hit highlighting, allowing users to find needed documents and data quickly and efficiently. Subsequent releases of Brava HTML will include greater functionality such as markup and collaboration tools and support for mobile, touch-screen devices like tablets. IGC has become well-known for its annotation and collaboration capability so the upcoming new features will be based on proven technology, delivered in a user-friendly interface.

The HTML client is included with Brava Enterprise, along with the ActiveX and Flash clients. Any combination of the clients can be used within an organization, providing the full-functionality available in the ActiveX client for those who need it, while also offering the simplicity and ease of the zero-client HTML for those who don’t.

Brava was designed to be easy on IT departments and offers highly scalable, secure viewing in a single, accurate viewer. Because it is a universal, multi-format viewer, it eliminates the need for multiple native applications to be installed on user workstations, providing visual access to document content while protecting the original document from unauthorized editing, saving or even printing. Brava is integrated to all major ECM systems and honors established user roles.

Check out a working example of the Brava HTML client at:

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Gary Heath, CEO and Co-Founder of IGC, has more than 20 years of experience in developing enterprise applications. Incorporated in 1990, IGC is a leading developer of viewing, annotation, and redaction software. Since IGC’s inception, Gary’s leadership and innovation have been key drivers of the company’s growth. Through Gary’s passion for innovation, IGC pioneered the concept of simple document security with its Visual Rights technology and introduced Redact-It, a software solution which removes privacy and sensitive content from documents. Email him at