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Telecom Newsroom interview with Dave Hegenbarth, VP of Systems Engineering for Pliant

Dave Hegenbarth is Vice President of Systems Engineering for Pliant, a company that helps IT teams automate faster and with less effort by transforming tens of thousands of API calls into uniform, reusable building blocks. Pliant believes moving at the speed of digital business requires a fundamental change in how IT organizations deploy and manage technology. The company’s unified platform for infrastructure automation simplifies and accelerates how IT Ops teams can quickly develop and deploy workflow automation in response to the demands of complex IT processes.

With more than 25 years of technology experience, Hegenbarth brings unique perspectives on how to remain agile and adapt to ever-changing technology advancements. He has worked for large publicly traded companies such as Cisco Systems and Riverbed, as well as early-stage start-ups like SevOne, helping to design and deliver advanced technology solutions.

Telecom Newsroom recently chatted to Hegenbarth to discuss changes following the pandemic, enterprise considerations, the upcoming ONUG Digital Live Fall event and more.

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