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Michael Morey shared his expertise with Telecom Ramblings on how COVID-19 is changing the way network and data center providers address their customer base. COVID-19 shifted the world to a virtual setting in 2020, accelerating the demand for connectivity, especially in underserved markets where there is high latency and minimal connectivity. The increased demand quickly widened the digital divide, forcing network and data center providers to become more innovative and proactive in their approach.

The digital shift opened the door for the telecom industry to engage in more collaborative opportunities – more specifically – global providers were looking to regional providers for ways to help bridge the divide and grow their footprint in the US. Morey mentions that the Midwest is “fresh territory filled with opportunity” and a platform for future growth. As the demand for connectivity is continuously on the rise in the region, so is the need for deployment. The effects of COVID-19 have pivoted the global providers’ focus on secondary markets to meet an ever-growing demand for reliable connectivity in a modern, virtual world.

Industries most impacted are healthcare, government, education, and more! It’s critical that these industries in underserved regions have access to strong connection with very low latency. Regional providers are paving the way for global providers to expand their fiber footprint and bring services closer to the end user, overall, creating a better digital experience for their consumers.

COVID-19 has acted as a catalyst for growth and innovation in the telecom industry, fostering collaboration between global and regional providers and further enabling them to help bridge the digital divide for underserved markets. With the help of regional providers, global providers are able to address a continuous issue while also expanding their footprint in the US. Morey ended his piece with, “Never underestimate the underdog.”

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