Originally published to NEDAS

In this technology-driven age, the world has become a “bring your own device” environment. Wireless connectivity is paramount as the masses, and now even businesses, rely on cell phones and other personal, portable devices for daily operations. This dependence on bringing your own device (BYOD) has begun to influence the work environment, creating a growth in co-working and flexible, shared workspace strategies that are designed to capitalize on employees’ devices. Now, shared workspace providers are more popular than ever, creating 35 percent of U.S. leasing activity. The global number of co-working spaces is expected to nearly triple by 2022, and with these millions of communal workspace enterprises come increased demands for a backbone of reliable in-building wireless connectivity. Seamless and total connectivity is now a requirement, not an option. As a result, enterprises like these are searching for new avenues to fund and deploy necessary carrier and distributed antenna systems (DAS) in a growing number of buildings.

At the NEDAS 2018 NYC Summit, a panel of industry experts discussed the many layers and players within the topic of deploying DAS in enterprise funded buildings. The panel included Ed Myers, Regional Vice President of Cheytec Communications; Bryan Goldberg, Director of Small Cell Real Estate at Verizon; Jodd Readick, Chairman of User Centric Communications and Keith Pennachio, Executive Vice President and Head of Strategy at SQUAN.


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