Evelina Ander, Marketing Manager at Yubico (www.yubico.com):

Strong two-factor authentication is vital for securing access to SAML-based single sign-on servers and mission-critical applications that house sensitive data. To provide a high level of security to their clients, SSO Easy recently chose our YubiKey small driverless USB-token to simplify the process of logging in with a One-Time Password (OTP).

SSO Easy has integrated YubiKey support in EasyConnect and this Single Sign-On server product makes SAML 2.0 and SAML 1.1 project implementations easier, faster, and more cost effective. The integrated YubiKey-SSO Easy solution provides a solution that is easy and cost-effective enough for small organizations, and robust and scalable enough to meet enterprise client needs.

In general, the high cost and complexity of traditional two-factor authentication technologies and enterprise class SAML servers have limited the adoption. But integrations like ours with SSO Easy make single sign-on, secure easy and affordable for a much wider range of organizations that house large amounts of data.

The joint YubiKey and SSO Easy solution works out-of-the-box, leveraging existing APIs. Free trials of the complete, integrated solution are available through SSO Easy. Free Trials are typically completed in about one hour.

Yubico (www.yubico.com) is the leading provider of simple, open online identity protection. More than a million users in 100 countries rely on the YubiKey for online identity protection with simple and secure access to computers, networks and online services.