Stefan Bernbo, CEO and founder, Compuverde, says:
Compuverde has partnered with Stanford University to mentor computer science students enrolled in CS210 throughout a software design project that offers genuine, hands-on experience. Stanford is recognized as a worldwide leader for developing today’s brightest computer science talent, and we are proud to be working with them to bridge the gap between the classroom and real-world issues.

In this course, Stanford students gain a thorough understanding of the tools, methods and strategies required to create and successfully manage software design and development projects that adhere to corporate standards. Our project will focus on developing innovative approaches to address current, substantial business pains and new-product-related innovation challenges driven by real-world issues. Getting involved with students at this stage in their development offers opportunities that most of them seldom see materialize. It is one thing to develop and implement a solution that just gets the job done; the challenge we pose to these students is to think outside the box to design innovative software solutions for use in a corporate setting.  


This shift in the educational paradigm is a result of an increasingly competitive career landscape where most graduates do not have applicable, real-world experience. Working to solve an industry-wide problem not only challenges students to think critically, it offers a chance to develop a real-world solution, rather than an answer to an academic exercise.

We are honored to collaborate with the students and instructors of CS210 as a corporate project partner. Our goal is to support today’s eager computer science minds as they seek innovative solutions to high-energy consumption in data centers and other deep-rooted industry problems. We feel that once a student has reached a certain threshold of proficiency in computer science, the most effective learning mechanism from that point forward is the experience of applying his or her skills to real challenges that exist today.