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dcd-sanfran_faceboook-header_851x315px_v2-736x272_optROOT Data Center will be at DCD > Webscale in San Francisco June 19-20 2017.

We will be hosting a bunch briefing, where we will be talking about why the world’s largest cloud companies have landed in Montreal: Renewable Energy, Lowest Cost in North America, and Data Safe Haven.

aj-byers-300x300_optAre you going to be at DCD and interested in joining us? Email sales@rootdatacenter.com to get added to the invitation list.

With dueling pressures of maintaining low costs, all while providing the best data service and security to users, data housing has never been a more important decision.  Find out why Montreal, Canada is the new home for data.

Cloud operators moving to Montreal have seen that power costs for data center operations in Montreal is the lowest in all the major markets in North America.  On Montreal’s green grid, this hydro electric power is 100% renewable.

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