Comba’s CriticalPointTM Annunciator Panel provides direct connection to the buildings main FACP meeting local building code requirements   

(24 August 2020 – Milpitas, CA) – Comba Telecom, Inc. (Subsidiary of Comba Telecom Holdings LTD.), a global leading wireless solutions provider, today announced it added an Annunciator Panel to their broad portfolio of in-building public safety communications equipment.

The CriticalPoint Annunciator Panel provides eight (8) visual and audible notification status of the ERRC (Emergency Responder Radio Communications) system installed in a building where alarms must be placed outside of the main equipment room and also provides  a direct connection to a buildings FACP (Fire Alarm Control Panel) to meet local code requirements for Fire Life and Safety equipment.  There are two (2) additional alarms for the annunciator panel itself to notify loss of power to the panel, or communications between the panel and the ERRCS system.  Finally, the Annunciator Panel is UL 2524 standard certified for public safety 2-way emergency radio communications enhancement systems which is quickly becoming a code requirement in many jurisdictions around the Country.

“Offering an Annunciator Panel to meet local building code requirements for ERRC Systems a natural fit for our product portfolio,” says Steven Cheng, Comba Telecom’s Public Safety Product Manager.  “System Integrators often are required, or prefer to stick to one OEM manufacturer when installing an ERRC System and now Comba has just that, from the donor antenna, BDA or DAS, passives and service antennas, including the annunciator panel,” Cheng continued to state. 

Comba’s CriticalPoint Annunciator Panel will be shipping November 1, 2020. For more information visit:

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