Ilissa Miller, CEO of iMiller Public Relations, says:

Standard Connections, a Cologix™ product previously only available in Toronto, is now platform-wide with the inclusion of Cologix’s carrier hotel data centers in Dallas, Minneapolis, Montreal and Vancouver.  What does this mean for customers?  Simply put, the product allows customers to leverage leased access into a Cologix-controlled environment to collocate a single Ethernet switch or router.  

Using Standard Connections, customers get a low-risk, low-cost access to hundreds of network providers in Cologix’s meet-me-rooms as well as network customers on the colocation floors.  Availability is now across Cologix’s entire North American data center platform.

Across the portfolio, Cologix sees that interconnection is driven by businesses at different stages of its lifecycle.  Introducing the Standard Connections product beyond Toronto is intended to provide additional entry points to the interconnection ecosystem for a low monthly price and low capital cost to create effectively zero risk for customers in the process of building their connections in a given market.

Cologix already has over 100 customers taking advantage of the Standard Connections product’s unique benefits.  Many customers use Standard Connections to expand their network’s geographic reach.  Standard Connections makes it easy to broaden network reach while simultaneously providing low-cost access to the interconnection community.  Customers who maintain their own data center facilities benefit greatly by extending to the broad choice of networks available within the Cologix platform. Customers also gain the ability to quickly and cost effectively on-ramp traffic from their customers through Cologix facilities.

Cologix is a network neutral interconnectionand colocationcompany based in Denver, Colorado.  They have facilities in the three major metro connection points in Canada: Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver, and in the US in Dallas, and Minneapolis.  There are over 300+ carriers and thousands of network interconnections throughout the Cologix platform.   Cologix currently serves over 550 carrier, managed services, cloud, media, content, financial services and enterprise customers.