Originally posted to Data Center Frontier by Voices of the Industry.

33D65ECA-90D5-46B9-9FD7-FA3D96851794-1322-000002133C979CCAIt doesn’t matter if you’re a colocation provider or manager of an enterprise data center, your challenges are still the same; do what you do, but do it faster, cheaper and better. Since Colocation or Multi-Tenant Data Centers (MTDC) are in a competitive arena vying for business, they want to be the fastest, cheapest and best, and thus many are much further ahead in achieving these goals. But fastest, cheapest and best is also being pursued by almost every Enterprise data center in existence.

So what can Enterprise facilities (and a few of you Colos too!) learn from how MTDCs build and operate their facilities and apply it elsewhere? First let’s examine the mindset of MTDCs and dig deeper into their goals and how the meet their owners’ needs and their customers’ needs.

Based on some soon-to-be-published research from Vertiv (you get an early sneak peak here), I’ll group all the various tasks and objectives of MTDCs into three goals…

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