Mike Hollands, Director of Marketing and Business Development, Connectivity Segment, Interxion, says:

The world’s growing population, coupled with the proliferation of Internet-connected devices, will cause a surge in Web traffic over the coming years. Internet traffic is set to quadruple by 2015, and, by this same year, networked devices are expected to outnumber people on the planet at a ratio of two-to-one. This rapid information explosion is placing increasing demands on companies across all sectors to meet the challenges of a connected, always-on world. In response to customer requirements for high-quality Internet access, managed data service providers in particular are increasingly outsourcing their data center services and are turning to colocation facilities that not only support their IT infrastructure needs, but also provide a fixed communication network to ultimately deliver the optimum end-user experience.    
Demonstrating the carrier community’s shift toward colocation environments, Six Degrees Group’s Datahop network, which consists of a resilient, high-speed fiber ring that connects 21 points of presence (PoPs) in London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Paris is now growing into Interxion’s London data center campus (LON 2). Already carrier dense with more than 50 carriers present, including the recent addition of TeliaSonera IC, Interxion’s London campus will enable Six Degrees Group to derive business value from being in close proximity to a wide range of potential customers within Interxion’s digital media, financial and cloud hubs.
Six Degrees Group prides itself on acting quickly to capitalize on new connectivity opportunities, so when it wanted to expand its Datahop service, it knew the content hubs within Interxion’s London data center would provide the connectivity options necessary to meet customer needs.  Additionally, Interxion’s access to more than 400 other carriers, ISPs and IP Exchange providers that are already located in its data centers provide great opportunity for Six Degrees group to create new services and improve their network reach. Interxion’s best-of-breed facilities also ensure Six Degrees Group can provide customers with the resilience, speed and reliability they need to deliver better business results.

Interxion’s communities of interest will also benefit from the Datahop service’s portfolio of services, including higher bandwidth and multihoming solutions. With optimal connectivity critical to its customers, Interxion’s addition of the Datahop network reflects its commitment to continually growing its carrier density that will offer fast and low-cost interconnectivity and establish valuable relationships across all businesses.