Bluebird Network, a communications infrastructure provider, connects businesses and organizations with more than 10,000 route miles of world-class fiber, two data centers, and prestigious customer service. Recently, Co-owner and Founder of DataTenant, Jason Boedeker, voluntarily shared positive and encouraging feedback on his “white glove” experience working with the Bluebird team. 

DataTenant, a hybrid and managed cloud service provider with a focus on business intelligence,  leases space in both of Bluebird’s Quad Cities and Underground data center locations. Boedeker says he is excited about what the future holds for the partnership, adding he has been in the industry for a long time and there simply aren’t many companies like Bluebird Network. Boedeker continues to say that Bluebird’s customer service is paramount and drives DataTenant’s success by providing data storage in their “world-class data center,” allowing transport back and forth from the data center with carrier-grade fiber.

As a result of Boedeker’s stellar experience with Bluebird, DataTenant highly recommends the company’s services to his peers each day. His experience is nothing short of impressive as he states, “I can talk to the facilities manager, technical experts, and network architects without red tape. It makes coming to a decision point easier. The ability to talk to the people who are supporting me and already familiar with my equipment makes a huge difference.”

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