Stina Ehrensvard, CEO and founder of Yubico (, says:

While the cloud is delivering on its promise of quick, easy access to a wide range of resources, the question of just who is accessing this information is still a big issue for organizations who want to leverage cloud-based solutions.

Making a key play in the game, we recently announced a partnership with CloudPassage, the leading cloud server security provider, designed to deliver strong, secure authentication and protection of administrative network access in the cloud.

CloudPassage required a strong two-factor authentication mechanism for its Halo platform to protect access to servers in public clouds. Halo users needed a fast, effective, and reliable solution that could be deployed as quickly as Halo itself and chose our YubiKey® unique one-time password (OTP) USB key.

GhostPorts allows systems administrators to temporarily open up a server management port for a designated adminstrator with the Yubikey providing very tight access control. With GhostPorts, users can gain authorized access to their cloud servers from anywhere, easily and securely. Together we’re protecting customers with two-factor authentication that is easy to manage, while keeping their servers secure in dynamic cloud environments.

Rand Wacker, vice president of product management for CloudPassage, told us, “Security is a paramount concern for companies making the move to the cloud, and it’s our job to give our customers confidence that their servers are protected.”

Through our partnership, Yubico and CloudPassage are enforcing cloud server access control with two lines of authentication without sacrificing the flexibility and ease-of-use that users require and expect of the cloud.

CloudPassage ( ) is the creator of Halo™, the industry’s first and only security and compliance platform, purpose-built for elastic cloud environments.
Yubico ( ) is the leading provider of simple, open online identity protection. More than a million users in 100 countries rely on the YubiKey for online identity protection with simple and secure access to computers, networks and online services.