By: Jake Anderson

Sometimes, we need to talk to a large group of people at the same time. Regardless of whether it is for a work conference or a family catch up, we all want a video conferencing service that is reliable, easy to work, safe and accessible to all. Cloud conferencing is a service that ticks all these boxes.

What is the cloud?

According to PC Mag, the cloud is simply a “metaphor for the Internet”. In simple terms, cloud computing is when information or data is stored on the internet, not on your PC’s hard drive. Because information is not stored on one computer, you can file share with family and colleagues easily and safely at any time.  Should you have problems with your computer, the information is not lost and you can access if from another source. It may seem futuristic, but the cloud is easy to use and a very useful tool for individuals and small businesses.

What is cloud conferencing?

By using a cloud conferencing service such as Blue Jeans Group Video Conferencing you could participate in interactive events for up to one hundred different end users; people who might be watching, listening and speaking with you on their mobile phone, PC or tablet from anywhere in the world. All anyone needs is an Internet connection and a web cam. A good conferencing provider will work regardless of whether the end users are on PCs or Macs.

In real life terms, this means you could host a lecture to thousands of people all over the world, have a briefing with your entire sales team, or have your whole family sing Happy Birthday to Grandma – at the same time, from where ever in the world they are. In addition, you can send photos, graphs and slideshows to everyone, simultaneously.

What are the business benefits of cloud conferencing?

In the current employment environment, where an increasing number of people are working remotely, video conferencing is an essential tool.  Cloud conferencing makes things even easier for the modern day business. lists 5 main benefits of cloud conferencing for businesses:

  1. Business Agility: Resources and information can be shared instantly and cheaply, reducing time needed on projects and therefore costing the business less. It also allows for change to be activated quickly, rather than waiting for travel or mail.
  2. New Business Models: Small and medium sized business can innovate and create alternative income easily, so there is no need to stick to a traditional business model.
  3. Fewer Operational Issues: Businesses can repeat information or systems readily; it is unnecessary to start everything from scratch every time – saving time and money. Additionally, changes to information and documents can be made and shared with the whole team immediately.
  4. Better Use of Resources: Employees spend less time on paper work and administration tasks and more time with customers, essentially making money for the business and letting employees do what they are good at. The need to have staff in one place at one time is eliminated. Telecommuting becomes possible, which makes employees happy. Happy employees are more productive employees!
  5. Less Capital Expense: The up front investment is much lower than you might expect, and there are usually no long term financial commitments.

In addition to these, lists even more benefits for small business owners, things like: fewer staff needed, the ability to employ a global workforce who can work at different times of the day, less necessity for training and an increase in the flexibility of the business to change scope or focus.

Use of cloud technology is also the green option. Techsoup sums the green advantage us as such, “While huge datacenters require a lot of electricity, it’s still a lot less than the thousands of office-grade computers it would take to perform the same big tasks.” In other words, the cloud uses less of the world’s resources to do the same amount of work.

For all these reasons, many not-for-profit organizations are now turning to cloud technology as a way to optimize their income and lower their expenses, getting more money to the cause and using less in administration.

In a nut shell, use of Cloud Conferencing can mean: overheads are lower, productivity is higher, expenditure is less and profits are maximized. Donors, shareholders, business owners and investors will all be happy with a Cloud Conferencing business.

Cloud Conferencing is a great idea for a business, especially a small start up business which is looking to maximize efficiency in both time and money. If you have a small to medium sized business, you should definitely consider Cloud Conferencing to connect to your staff and clients. Or you can use the technology to speak to your grandmother on her special day.


By: Jake Anderson

Awestruck by Star trek as a kid, Jake Anderson has been relentless in his pursuit for covering the big technological innovations which will shape the future. A self-proclaimed gadget freak, he loves getting his hands on every piece of gadget he can afford