– Vishal Sharma, Senior Director of Cloud Computing at NaviSite (www.navisite.com), says:

Regardless of the size of a company, the inhibitors (to cloud computing) are security and concern of lack of control. Another challenge is where to start. Unlike larger enterprises, smaller enterprises do not have lot of options. They need more holistic solutions so that they can entirely create their primary IT environment in the cloud. Larger enterprises will start using cloud as an extension of their IT environment where as for smaller enterprises, they do not have that luxury to test it out and are confused where to start. On top of that, the lower end of small enterprises gravitate more towards SaaS (as compared to Iaas or Paas).

One thing that datacenter managers should be aware of – cloud service providers are sensitive to security concerns and will work with them to ensure the integrity and security of their data, as well compliance with regulations and there are cloud services in the market that are as secure (if not more) as internal/on premise environments.