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This year Aureon celebrates it’s 40th anniversary. From INS to now, look back at the history and the legacy that we have created in Iowa and the midwest.

This year marks a historic achievement for Aureon as the company celebrates its 40th anniversary. Over the past four decades, Aureon has transformed from a telecommunications provider into a comprehensive business solutions leader. Through our focus on innovation, customer service, and community engagement, Aureon has left a lasting mark in the Iowa business landscape and beyond.

As we commemorate this achievement, it’s important to revisit Aureon’s rich history, tracing its origins back to the post-Bell System era, when visionary leaders laid the foundation for success.

The Foundational Years (1984-1999)

Aureon’s journey began in 1984 with the incorporation of the Iowa Switch Company. The primary objective was to establish a robust telecommunications infrastructure and provide services in the newly competitive market following the AT&T divestiture. In 1986, the company transitioned to Iowa Network Services, Inc. (INS), aligning our business strategy more closely with delivering comprehensive network solutions.

Just two years later, in 1998, INS achieved a milestone by becoming the first Centralized Equal Access company in the United States, solidifying its position as a technological leader. The late 1990s witnessed the launch of Iowa Wireless Services and Iowa Telecom, creating partnerships with industry giants like T-Mobile and ING Barrings, to further expand our capabilities.

An Era of Growth and Acquisitions (2008-2018)

In 2008, the acquisition of Alliance Technologies marked a significant step in broadening Aureon’s service offerings. This integration was meticulously managed to preserve Alliance Technologies’ experience and customer relationships. From 2011 to 2014, the company underwent transformative changes, including the formation of Alliance Connect, INS, and ATI, while acquiring businesses such as Merit Resources, Internet Solver, Caleris, and others, to enhance our market presence.

The years 2015 to 2017 saw continued expansion and acquisitions, including Merit’s acquisition of Protico Staffing and AHR’s acquisition of Peliton LLC. In 2018, the sale of Aureon HR to Oasis signaled a strategic refocusing on the company’s core competencies.

Overcoming Challenges

Throughout its journey, Aureon navigated the changing regulatory landscape and competition after the telecommunications market opened up post-divestiture. The company’s ability to adapt to major technological shifts, and to continually advance offerings to meet new demands such as wireless and internet-based services, was crucial.

Economic fluctuations also presented challenges, but Aureon stayed resilient during downturns and capitalized on growth opportunities during prosperous periods.

Redefining Identity

Aureon’s transformation into a comprehensive business solutions provider was marked by its rebranding from a telecommunications company, diversifying our suite of services. A $60 million investment plan was implemented to strengthen the company’s infrastructure, technology, and offerings, providing robust solutions to meet our clients’ needs.

Adopting cloud and internet technologies allowed Aureon to facilitate improved connectivity and operational efficiency for its clients.

Aureon Today

Today, Aureon offers a comprehensive range of customer care solutions, including contact centers and experience management services. The company’s consulting services provide expert guidance in IT strategy, project management, and implementation, allowing businesses to excel in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

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