Alex Bewley, CTO at uptime software (, says:

The small enterprise market has traditionally been left out when it comes to powerful IT systems management suites. Instead this market has had to rely on low-end tools, time consuming freeware or suites that lack the powerful IT management they need.

uptime software ( has been successfully delivering IT systems monitoring and management software to mid-market and enterprise companies for years. The company recently announced the shipping of its flagship product, up.time, in a new version called up.time Small Business Edition (SBE), a deep, easy-to-use and powerful IT systems monitoring and management suite designed for small and medium businesses (SMB). up.time SBE is uptime software’s first foray into the lucrative SMB market and delivers full server and application monitoring and reporting across a myriad of platforms, melding deep and powerful technology with ease-of-use for a perfect SMB solution.

Designed specifically for companies requiring in-depth and easy-to-use availability, capacity and performance monitoring tools without the cost and complexity of legacy enterprise-grade software solutions, up.time SBE delivers powerful IT systems management that’s packaged and priced to meet the unique needs of small enterprises.

up.time SBE is the most recent product innovation released by uptime software and includes the exciting VMware environment monitoring capabilities introduced in October with the launch of up.time 6. In addition, SBE is quick to deploy, easy-to-use and maintain, and is delivered in a simple pricing structure. SBE is designed to monitor the entire IT stack of servers, applications and services— across virtual, physical and cloud environments, as well as multiple platforms. All of this is easily manageable through a single dashboard.

Features specific to up.time SBE include:

  • Easy-to-use and Powerful IT Systems Management. Deep metrics for IT system monitoring across servers, services, applications and system resource levels give you the best performance, availability and capacity management on the market, all without the complexity of traditional enterprise tools.
  • Lightening Fast Root-Cause Analysis. SBE delivers deep IT monitoring and reporting not found in the low-end and freeware tools the small enterprise market has traditionally been stuck using. up.time offers easy-to-use monitoring and reporting for fast root-cause analysis of servers and applications.
  • More Proactive Problem Solving. up.time comes complete with detailed capacity planning to help create a more proactive IT department.
  • A Single Tool That Monitors The Entire IT Stack. Monitor hybrid environments from a single dashboard, including virtual, physical and cloud servers and applications across many platforms (Windows, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, Linux, Novell, VMware).
  • Fast, Painless Deployment. The trial installs in minutes, and the entire up.time suite deploys within hours.
  • Affordable and Simple SMB Licensing. Complete IT systems management for each licensed server.

Alex Bewley, Chief Technology Officer at uptime software
Alex is passionate about bridging the gap between business value and cutting edge technology. A technologist by trade, Alex’s 17-year long tour of duty included time with Sun Microsystems in its heyday. However, Alex craved a more entrepreneurial muse, and founded uptime software (with co-founder Phil Didaskalou) in 2001. When not behind his desk, Alex is either knee deep with the Toronto tech startup community or is on his iPad dreaming of new ways to simplify IT systems management across virtual, physical, and cloud environments.