As we approach the infra/STRUCTURE 2023 Summit, it’s an opportune time to get to know the influential participants who will be at the heart of the vital discussions shaping the event. Playing a significant role is silver sponsor Cascadeo, a company recognized for its innovative approach to technology and fostering global connectivity. In this feature, we explore the attributes and expertise Cascadeo brings to the table, setting the stage for their contribution to this gathering of industry leaders.

About Cascadeo

Cascadeo is a managed and professional services provider focused on innovating at scale in the public cloud. Clients are advised on initiatives at every stage, from defining cloud strategy through design, build, automation, and management. Leveraging the capabilities of Cascadeo AI, a platform designed to synthesize the best available technologies into a unified monitoring tool, the firm assists clients in optimizing their IT infrastructures. As a member of the Globe Group, Cascadeo supports businesses through various stages of cloud strategy development and implementation. More information about their endeavors is available on their

Involvement Details

Cascadeo is not only a sponsor but also a vital voice at the infra/STRUCTURE 2023 Summit, ready to share insights and forge dialogues that drive the industry forward. Attendees can look forward to their presentation slated for Day 1 of the event, between 4:00 and 4:30 PM.

Industries Served

Cascadeo operates with a versatile approach, showcasing expertise across a range of sectors including IT Infrastructure with a focus on public and hyperscale cloud solutions, Enterprise IT endeavors, mid-market specialty services, as well as cross-vertical initiatives that encompass a broad spectrum of industry demands.

Regional Focus

With a primary footprint in the United States and Canada, Cascadeo maintains a robust presence in North America, offering tailored solutions and insights that resonate with the unique demands of its North American customers.

Leadership Presence

Steering the ship is the visionary Jared Reimer, fulfilling the roles of CTO and Founder, bringing a wealth of experience and innovative thinking to the summit.

Event Goals

As they gear up for the summit, Cascadeo aims to foster connections and carve a distinctive space in the industry landscape, echoing their commitment to technological advancement.

Meeting Opportunities

Open to cultivating fruitful partnerships, Cascadeo welcomes you to coordinate meetings through

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