– Alex Rosemblat, Product Marketing Manager at VKernel (www.vkernel.com), says:

Many of today’s enterprise data centers employ virtualization technology to more efficiently use computing resources. Virtualization however introduces new challenges for data centers: In a virtual environment, all resources must be shared. This creates a complex resource allocation problem that if not solved, causes performance bottlenecks, poor ROI, unhappy customers and will only worsen with scale.

VKernel employs advanced analytics to provide advanced warning of issues and continuously balance computing resource usage, thus automating capacity management for virtualized data centers. By implementing the clear actionable recommendations that VKernel provides, today’s enterprise data center can avoid performance issues and increase cost savings.

VKernel’s Capacity Management Suite uses a patent pending analytics engine to identify and resolve virtual machine performance issues and help data centers maximize their ROI. Despite its advanced analytic capabilities, VKernel is easy to use, installs in 20 minutes, and scales from the needs of a small data center to support a data center or cloud initiative with thousands of VMs.

Data Center Benefits
VKernel benefits a data center by providing visibility into virtualized infrastructure, automating issue prevention, and offering recommendations that allow data centers to use their resources most efficiently. By installing VKernel, data centers:

· Avoid performance problems
· Minimize or eliminate issue troubleshooting
· Eliminate equipment overpurchasing for the sole intent of avoiding performance issues
· Avoid crisis procurements from capacity shortages
· Gain forecasting accuracy for future equipment purchases
· Reclaim resources from over-allocated VMs and unused files
· Gain cost visibility
· Automate reporting for the environment

Performance problems can occur without warning in a virtual environment as resources are shared and a usage increase in one virtual machine may create issues in another area of the virtual infrastructure. Proactively monitoring VM performance metrics available in VMware vCenter for ESX implementations, and Microsoft Systems Center Virtual Machine Manager and Systems Center Operations Manager for Hyper-V implementations is a good first step to begin gaining visibility into an environment. With this visibility, virtualization administrators can screen for capacity bottlenecks that can affect performance and create issues.

VKernel offers a 30 day free trial, installs in 20 minutes as single agent-less virtual appliance, and will offer immediate value. There is a management dashboard that will remain active even after a trial expires that can yield beneficial insights into an environment. The Capacity Management Suite is available for download on the VKernel website at www.vkernel.com/download/capacity-management-suite

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