Data Center Power Challenges

– Dani Kate, spokesperson for Riello UPS, says:

An uninterruptible power supply is the foundational aspect of the data centre backup chain which has the capacity to provide protection against power disruptions. The notorious aspect of the power failure is that it interferes with workloads and can even cripple the server hardware. It is thus, essential that UPS units must meet the demands of modern computing equipment. UPS technology has evolved to such an extent that it can negate the challenges pertaining to power loss. They offer an array of management and maintenance features which ensures a long and reliable operation. Therefore, it is critical to first understand what to look for while choosing a UPS system. One needs to look at several aspects like technology, capacity and configuration needed to effectively serve and meet the data centre requirements.


Online Systems versus Offline Systems:

  • Although offline systems are comparatively cheaper but when efficiency is taken into account, online systems are way far better of the two.
  • Unlike offline system, an online system passes power permanently from the mains to the critical load.
  • The UPS battery continuously supplies power even when the mains fail.
  • With the advent of transformer-less design, online solutions are sophisticatedly designed.
  • The critical load is equipped with processed power which is why online UPS systems do not produce any mains borne noise and fluctuating voltage.
  • Online transformers are so designed that they efficiently regulate output voltage.
  • Online UPS of today are more efficient and compact in size.


  • Any UPS system with MVA-rated configuration is a significant contributor to reduction in the amount of data centre’s energy consumption. This is because the energy demands for cooling the critical load are considerably reduced.
  • Using a UPS system of such a particular configuration, you can accrue an indirect benefit of minimizing carbon footprint.


  • The reduced dimensions and transformer less design makes them a practical option.
  • The increasing demand for protected power capacity by data centre can be easily done by incrementally adding UPS modules.
  • If you want to improve the overall UPS availability, you can make use of the number of modules to support the critical load.


  • A good UPS system will be the one such that it provides a detailed and valuable real-time information which can later on be transferred to site’s network.
  • Communications capability allows management of the UPS units at system level.

Therefore, transformer less technology and online systems ensure continued protection from mains disturbances or breaks. Your datacentre UPS systems should fulfil the need of the hour and fight back all the challenges.