It’s a known fact that fiber connectivity offers households and businesses in the U.S. superior internet accessibility. However, just like any other paid service, customers want to know they’re getting the best deal for their particular situation. In digital infrastructure as in other industries, having competition in the market can ensure that customers are happy having the freedom of choice, and businesses can succeed in communities where they are performing a needed service. Healthy competition can benefit the customers, providers and community alike.

Protection against Monopolies

According to research, broadband competition is rising in America, allowing communities to have more options when selecting their fiber provider. This is good news, as fiber monopolies have restricted choice throughout much of the country over the years. Now, as fiber continues to gain prominence, fiber providers are expanding their networks, moving into new areas, and finally giving consumers the ability to choose which company they want to provide their fiber.

Competitive Rates

Access to multiple fiber providers can also benefit the consumers’ wallets. When a community has more than one fiber provider to choose from, the companies often lower their prices or innovate their services in order to attract business away from their competitors. The businesses refine their operations, often making them better in the process, and the consumer benefits every month when it’s time to pay the bill.

Path Diversity

When it comes to fiber, having options is important, especially for businesses. Redundancy is incredibly important for companies who rely on technology. One way to achieve redundancy is by having diverse fiber options to protect the business and its data during unfortunate circumstances, such as weather, accidents or anything else that disrupts connectivity. With more than one fiber path, businesses can ensure operations even if something goes wrong with one of their fiber providers, but this safeguarding requires multiple fiber providers to be available.

As regional providers move into new communities, businesses in the area can take advantage of diverse fiber paths to secure their data, and, if needed, easily expand their fiber traffic in the future.

While public opinion continues to recognize the benefits of fiber internet connectivity, this access can be made even better through competition in the provider market. Multiple providers create choices for customers, whether for home or business use, allowing them to decide on the solution that will best suit their needs. In areas of the country where only one fiber provider exists, regional fiber companies are aiming to expand access to consumers in this area to give them the freedom to choose between providers, or choose more than one provider if redundancy is a concern.

As Bluebird Network continues to expand its network access, we are committed to bringing high-quality fiber and access to communities throughout the Midwest. To learn more about Bluebird’s fiber network, get in touch with one of our expert team members today.